Act i

存在于 stony field 的一本书,名叫 Moldy Tome
安达利尔1 Die, maggot! 安达利尔2 Fear me! 安达利尔3 The East is beyond your grasp! (已删除这句台词) 血鸟1 My army will destroy you! 血鸟2 Join my army of the dead! 血鸟 Matron Andariel commands your death! (已删除这句台词) 女伯爵1 Care for a b
任务1: 激活后提示 The demons in that cave have claimed many of my finest archers. I wonder how you will fare! 任务1: 未完成提示 You’d better come through on this. Your reputation depends on it. 任务1: 完成提示 Hmm. I’m surprised you survived that test, outlander. Go see Akara. She may reward you. 任务2: 激
Yes? Hello Greetings Good day. Greetings. Good morning. Good evening. I need your help. Hello again, outlander. Hello again, outlander. Word of your great exploits in the east has reached us, even here. The Sisterhood welcomes you. Welcome avenger. Goodbye. Farewell. 卡夏的介绍 Welcome, outlander, to our glorious hovel. I know you’re here to challenge the evil that’s driven us from our ancestral home. But, know this. Akara may