任务1: 激活后提示 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 The demons in that cave have claimed many of my finest archers. I wonder how you will fare! 任务1: 未完成提示 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 You’d better come through on this. Your
任务1: 激活后提示 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 You’re a brave soul! I’d sooner thrust my sacred scepter into the foulest, carbuncular trull than set one boot into that cave. 任务1: 未完成提示 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 Demons still befouling
任务1: 激活后提示(备选) 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 You seem like a noble warrior. I hope you can help us. 任务1: 激活后提示 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 The beasts from the cave have begun to roam
任务3 任务激活 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 The Malus was forged and enchanted by the ancient Horadric Mages during the Sin Wars. When their union dissolved, the Malus was entrusted to the Sisterhood guarding the pass into the East. 任务3 激活后提示 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播
任务1 任务激活 抱歉,您的浏览器不支持播放声音。 There is a place of great evil in the wilderness. Kashya’s Rogue scouts have informed me that a cave nearby is filled with shadowy creatures and horrors from beyond the grave. I fear that these creatures are massing for an attack against our encampment. If you are sincere about helping us, find