就绪: Prepped and ready! 闲聊: I’ve already checked you out commander. 闲聊:You want another physical? 闲聊:Turn your head and cough. 闲聊: Ready for your sponge bath? 闲聊:His EKG is flatlining! Get me a defib stat! 闲聊:Clear! 闲聊:He’
就绪: Wraith awaiting launch orders. 闲聊:Last transmission breakin’ up…come back… 闲聊:I’m just curious…why am I so good? 闲聊:I go get me one of these. 闲聊:You know who the best starfighter in the fleet is? 闲聊:Yours truly. 闲聊:E
就绪:Can I take your order? 闲聊:When removing your overhead luggage, please be careful. 闲聊: In case of a water landing, you may be used as a flotation device. 闲聊: To hurl chunks, please use the vomit bag in front of you. 闲聊:Keep your arms and legs inside until this ride comes to a full
You’ve not enough minerals You require more vespene gas. You must construct additional pylons. Not enough energy. We are under attack! Your warriors have engaged the enemy. Research complete. Nuclear launch detected. Upgrade complete.